Privacy Policy

Our Methods of Collecting Personal Information and Why We Do It:

When you create an account with us, we need to know things like your name, current address, phone number, vehicle information, e-mail address, and social media IDs. We use this information to fulfill your request for our services, to easily respond to inquiries, and to improve our services. Our goal is always to provide the optimal user experience.

We’ll also collect other information from you, like IP addresses and other wide spectrum collection options, like cookies. These bits of information are useful for ensuring your account is operating properly and to track user trends.

Sell Car For Cash Spokane operates with responsible measures in place to keep your information safe. It’s stored on a secure server that can only be accessed by authorized employees. Your information is never shared unless you say it is okay, and that includes third parties as well.

We Don’t Control the Sites We Link To:

Our website contains links to third party affiliates, who are most often our associates. However, we are only responsible for information stored and collected through our website. We have no control over the information collected by third parties or their methods of security. Please review their privacy policies before submitting any information.

You Can Always Say No

You reserve the right to not share your information on our website, and if you do, you may opt out at any time. Our intent is to make this process simple and hassle free. If you ever want to make your information private, just let us know.

A Note on Policy Updates:

From time to time, we’ll have to update our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to do so with or without prior notification, although changes may be posted on our home page. Please check this policy regularly to stay up to date.

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